Ink and love Facebook page


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Here’s my new Facebook page which will be dedicated to poetry, quotes an more heart reviving uploads, please like N share, why? Because you will miss out on what writing really is, see you there!

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Departing to connect


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I am moving from WordPress to Facebook pages! I will be creating and moving to a Facebook page for my uploads of poetry, quotes and more!
I will be sharing the page name very shortly so please stay connected if you can, you will not be dissappointed!

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I.. Ok…


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Has she ever told you that she loves you. And you don’t respond or tell her you love her too… Do you ever wonder how that makes her feel?

The heart turns to a cold stone begging for those 3 words to come out of her mouth once more as you tell her you love her, yet she’s the one who doesn’t not respond in kind… That’s what she goes through every time you are speechless of her 3 words of love…

Why love, why now?


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Why did I fall in love, why did I let my heart love another so much, now it knows I am distant from my lover, so it strikes pain and pain, until it rains tears of love, only if I did not love.. I would not be hurt now, day by day I wonder full of thoughts of her smile, voice, I wonder too much now I fear I am lost in wonder, wonder of love. Gripping onto broken hope, I only wish we may be together another day, in the name of hope, will this happen? In the name of love, may I hold her hand once more under the awakening night? May I sight her once more? In the name if hope, may love bring this day…