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Do you ever…

Wish you could travel back in time of your child hood where you only were wild and courages beyond any imagination of adventurous where locks and stop signs were only made for you to crush and brake through jump through sneak through to get through not to turn away to stay away but to turn away and run around like a free mind where it’s blind of impossible And tied in possible

Do you ever…

Wish you could go back in time to re-take school and achieve only greatness from 8 till now that’s a 16 maybe 17 ? Lets leave it At 17 – 150 don’t matter your age at any cold stage you will were would’ve wished for a retake to clean the past the bad page and rewrite with greatness squeeze weakness into strength and strength to power your hearts full of blue rage not even a world of warcrafts Mage could turn that to a clean page humanity lives on suffering regrets rage An bad pages of life….