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There was this strange .. Thing luring in the shadow so I take my legs left left and right left right left right!! I sneezed..

A creepy eepy silence) what have I do done!! KmanTrapTap to da rapapatraptaprapatap I said hey to fever now I’m all sleeping all over like Horton when he discovered his love was covered ma papas shouting you gota get to the doctor but pap! I just drank a calpol!! Ill be as fine as ice just watch than he shock his head so I just sneaked to ma mamas kitchen n’ toke soma that paraseetomaal!!! Followed by strange pills called .. A strange doctorian name! And now fevers all down on meeE! Like a hot bomb she’s all down all on me haaay fever you ain’t good for me we gota stop seeing each other ma papas not happy and I’m all sneezy guess I shouldn’t have said hey maybe a kill woul have been better ..

– Kmantraptap – strange poetry