Stay for another year


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Stay… I can hear your breaking voice, lost of our love – we use to be me and you, I and her – you and me! The greatest pair god ever created!

Know you speak like a leaving heart… Making excuses one by one… Waiting for me to give up an end our love – I’ll never give up – for as long as there’s love to be had with you, I’ll love you, forever. Please forgive me… But you are forever mine… Mine Alone, I love you… Please say that back… Whisper gently into my ears so that only I may hear your beauty…

I love you – please stay another year… I promise I’ll make you want to stay forever…



Words to come


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Recovery is a blessing,
Poetry is discovery,
Loving, is knowing,
Hate – is arrogance,
A kiss… Is a leap through stars…
A hold of the hand; is a touch of heaven…

Darling, you’re all that my heart could forever crave for… You may not know how much I love you – soon you will with love and translation through my words…

Love me like No other


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To a fighter; I’m just another

To a stranger; I’m yet another

To the father; I’m just another…

To a mother; I’m a dead man – hopeless of love and trust

To me; I’m alone – alone inlove with you, my long lost lover..

To you; I’m a lover – I’m i just another? …

I love you, like no other … Please love me like a broken feather – so that I may heal in your arms…


My book writing progress


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I have changed the description of my book, ‘The Scattered Bond’
please tell me your thoughts on it on the comments section
(Would be appreciated 9847% out of 100%)

“Whilst your world spins in life of ordinary creatures, pitiful wars and fear, Ealasiam populates true battle creatures craving for war – the war of revenge, the war of escape and light of life and freedom upon their lands of fallen love and might. What was once the grasping of life’s freedom is now the chains of hell pulling it closer from existence to ashes by every lash of captivity. Only bravery and destiny can separate Ealasiam from chains and wings, destiny is not always the better path.”


I fear-love you


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I fear to love you, yet I do. I want to resist you, yet I persist you, I try to step backwards, yet I find myself in your arms, I need to escape, yet I seem to be doing just fine with you.

I know you’ll break my heart. Yet I will love you forever – because your my light in my nightmares and the shooting star in my sight.


My love, my distance.


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She awaits another year, for him she will await a thousand, no matter the tears. At night she wonders full of love and pain, regrets and false wishes. Promises await to be broken, her heart awaits to be burnt, soul awaits to be fire and ash for love is turning against her. Her lover can only feel her distance, only watching the clouds reflect her eyes in a black storm. Their hands far away from each other, their hug never to be felt for many nights, their love to be united, yet being destined for distance day by day, separation spreads like a wild fire, they can only crave for one and another, till another day… Till than his heart stays a black stone awaiting revival.

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Love has two sides


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love dominates the heart, it carves it’s name all over, it conquers fears and hate, it enlightens and brings joy. And yet distance can turn it into an illness creating sadness, anger and a dying heart. darkness crawls in spreading ashes of love. Nobility and romance turns into a theory, never again felt nor shared.

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